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A commercial building is any type of building that generates income. This can be an office building, industrial property, restaurant or retail establishment, storage facility, medical building, hotel, or even an apartment complex. Because buildings of these types generally are used only during specific hours, they are often deserted during off-hours and prone to unwanted activity.

Red Oak Security can provide regular patrols of commercial buildings either on foot or in patrol vehicles. They will inspect the interior and exterior of the buildings as requested during regular business as well as off-business hours. They will screen persons entering to make sure they are authorized to enter and will observe persons exiting so no property is removed without permission. They can also provide a security trained receptionist to direct customers and others to the appropriate location. Because their guards are trained to observe patterns of behavior, they are often able to prevent theft or other ill-intentioned events from occurring.

Services provided:

  • Regular patrols (interior and exterior)
  • Entrance/exit screening
  • Security trained receptionist