Executive Protection – We offer close personal protection for corporate officers, high value individuals, and individuals with elevated personal risk for short-term events or long-term protection. Executive protection is a specialized field where personnel receive additional training in driving, first aid, low profile protection, surveillance detection and protective intelligence gathering. These services are regulated by the state and require licensing and insurance. Hiring an off-duty police officer is not comparable to hiring an executive protection professional from Red Oak Security. If an incident was to occur, law enforcement’s main focus is on catching the perpetrator. An executive protection agent’s only focus is protecting the client and removing them from the situation as quickly and safely as possible.


Workplace Violence Prevention – As an employer, you carry a great deal of responsibility for those who work for you. Having a workplace that is safe and secure is important to your employees’ job performance. Red Oak Security will help you identify safety and security risks in your environment and personnel, and then work with you to develop plans to manage them. Domestic violence cases sometimes carryover into the work place and may need additional attention from a security professional. Standby security services are also available in cases of high risk terminations.


Investigations – Should you have a need for more information about a certain person, what their behavior patterns might be, or to locate someone, Red Oak Security partners with a licensed private investigator to provide background checks, surveillance, and skip tracing. We have training and experience in many methods of obtaining and analyzing this information.


Security Escorts – When you need to move valuables safely from point A to point B, Red Oak Security can provide a secure escort. Whether you need to move cash, valuable documents or data, art work, jewels or precious metals, for business or personal reasons, we can provide protection and discrete transportation in either your vehicle or ours.


CPTED Consulting – CPTED (Crime Prevention through Environmental Design) relies on the ability to influence an offender’s decisions about criminal behavior through the design of a built environment. As the only CPTED trained individual with a Professional Designation issued by The National Institute of Crime Prevention in SLO County, Wade Holland, owner of Red Oak Security, offers consultation on new and existing built environments. You can make your business or home environment a safer place by implementing design elements that deter crime. Give Red Oak Security a call for a design and prevention consultation.